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Koh Phangan Live Weather

Welcome to our live weather station at KITEFLIP on Koh Phangan. As a kiteschool it’s very important to have a live weather reading so we are always ready when the wind starts to blow. Our live weather station on Koh Phangan is located right on the beach at our kiteschool in Bantai and gives the most accurate wind and weather reading you can find on the island. Here below you find an overview of the windspeed, gusts, wind direction, daily wind chart, temperature, rain, forecast and more. Bookmark this page to always get the most accurate live weather reading on Koh Phangan!

Windspeed and gusts

Here below you can find the current windspeed and gusts (short boosts of stronger wind), which are measured in knots. For kitesurfing we need a minimum of 10 knots stable to have a good kite session. Stable wind means that the measurement of the windspeed and gusts are close to each other (difference of max 3 knots).

Wind direction

Here below you can find a compass that shows the wind direction. The red arrow shows where the wind comes from. For kitesurfing at our spot we always want side shore, side-on shore or on-shore wind. Since our school is located on the south coast of Koh Phangan we need wind that comes from the South-East, South , South-West or West. Have a look at the map to understand the correct wind direction better.

Koh Phangan live weather

Daily wind chart

Here below you can see the daily wind chart measured in knots. This gives us a good idea about how constant the wind is during a whole day. During high season (Jan till April) we usually have constant wind from the morning till sunset on the good days. During monsoon season (June till October) we often get wind for a shorter time but more strong.

Last 7 days –  average, mid-range and maximum wind speed

Temperature, humidity and daily rainfall

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