Crazyfly Skim 2017


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The Crazyfly Skim 2017 is a perfect toy for light wind fun and small surf conditions. It has a straighter outline for improved low end performance and upwind ability. Only in one size  = 135 x 38   **** Wakestyle ****

Comes with skim footpad and razor fins

1 in stock

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                                                                         Crazyfly skim 2017

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For the new Crazyfly skim 2017 the strapless set up provides unlimited possibilities for exploring new tricks and stance positions. You can put the fins on, which see the Skim perform very well upwind, even in super lightwind conditions. Or for a nice skatey feel it’s equally happy being ridden without fins. The Skim is also great fun in smaller waves, where you can carve them up or use them as kickers for strapless tricks.

Whatever your riding style or level is, the Crazyfly Skim 2017 is always fun to play with.

Our Skim board is produced with a full wood core, Multi Axial Fiber Glass construction and Ligt Up sidewalls. This construction provides comfortable medium flex and the flat bottom shape ensures easy early planning.

The Skim board features a beautiful transparent wood core design with funky graphics and comes complete with brand new 3.0 cm Razor fins and a self adhesive EVA footpad so you have the choice of riding strapless with a waxed deck, or with the footpads.

The Crazyfly Skim 2017 – let the fun begin.

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