Kiteflip Trick Of The Day – Double One Handed S Bend

Koh Phangan Kiteboarding: Double one handed S bend

In this blogpost we go have a closer look at a more advanced trick which not many kiteboarders master but many dream about. The double one handed S bend! To do this trick you are probably riding for a few years and know some other unhooked tricks  like a railey or a normal S bend. We advice you to first be able to do these tricks before trying to go for this more advanced move.

In this video you see Tale, one of our Koh Phangan kiteboarding pro’s showing how to do this trick standing with his right foot forward. You start by edging upwind with enough speed and doing a railey unhooked. Steer the kite to 12 o’clock to get some lift and airtime, you will need it to be able to do that double spin. Extend your arms and body and trow all your weight forward and spin to your backside. Start by looking over your left shoulder. After your head and shoulders turn the rest of your body will follow. Once in the air let go of your back hand (in this case the left hand) and keep holding the bar above your head while spinning for a second time in the same direction. Once you spot your landing pull on your right hand to steer the kite down and get speed again.

This is just a short summarize of how the trick looks like. At Kiteflip Koh Phangan kiteboarding school we offer specific customized courses where one of our professional kite instructors will explain and show you this trick step by step or any other trick that you would like to learn. It’s the details that usually make the difference so don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions. See you on the water..

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