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Full Beginner Course

Who is it for?

This course is for anyone who wants to become an independent kitesurfer. This means having all of the theoretical and practical ‘know-how’ you need to be able to kite in a safe way. This will allow you to call yourself a real kitesurfer and to kite in any kitespot in the world.

What do you learn during the full beginner course?

  • Deeper understanding of weather, wind, spot, gear, safety and control systems
  • Learning the international hand signs and right of way rules
  • How to setup the kite
  • How to fly the kite
  • How to launch and land the kite
  • How to relaunch the kite after it falls on the water (water-relaunch)
  • How to move the kite and generate power
  • How to use the power of the kite to drag your body through the water (body-dragging)
  • Riding the board (this will be the biggest part of the lesson)
  • Self-rescue

In this course you learn everything you need. If you have done the discovery course before you will continue at the level you reached and progress to the next step. Compared to the discovery course here you will get a deeper insight into the theoretical and practical part of kitesurfing. You will learn how to generate power with the kite and drag yourself trough the water. After that the fun really starts and it’s time to get the board. In this course boardriding will usually be the biggest part of the lesson. At this moment everything comes together. You will learn how to control the kite and generate power while you are keeping your balance on the board. Once you manage to do this you will feel amazing.

After you complete the full beginner course you will receive an IKO certificate (international kiteboarding organisation). This will allow you to kite and rent equipment in other schools around the world.   Contact us below for more information!

Duration: 9 hrs  – Spread over 3 days (3hrs per day). We always teach in groups of max 2 people. If there would not be any other students at that time you get a private lesson for the same price = 6hrs.

Price: 9900 baht per person

kitesurf lesson Koh Phangan

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Kitesurf Beginners Course Thailand
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