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Buy your Flysurfer kite in Thailand with KITEFLIP

KITEFLIP is your go-to place for all your Flysurfer gear in Thailand. We are the proud official Flysurfer dealer in Thailand and are here to help you choose the right Flysurfer kite for you. We offer the complete range of Flysurfer foil and LEI kites, bars and Flysurfer boards. You have the option to test all the Flysurfer kites and boards in our school. When buying a Flysurfer foil kite from us you get a free introduction is how to set the kite up, landing and launching procedures, mixertest, packing etc.. Not everybody is experienced in handling foil kites and we like our customers to have all the know-how to handle the kite independently. We also help you with any warranty issues and offer a complete after service. We ship your Flysurfer kite FOR FREE within Thailand.

Please check out all our Flysurfer products below and contact us with any questions about Flysurfer kites and boards in Thailand

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End of season Sale
End of season Sale



  • Sale!
    Out of stock
    cabrinha contra 2021 - 15m

    Cabrinha contra 2021 – 15m

    58,000฿ 28,000฿
    Cabrinha contra 2021 - 15m kite only. This kite is only used a hand full of times but unfortunately some bugs came inside the bag and made around 15 holes  size 1-2 millimeter. They all have been patched and the kite flies perfect. Comes with a bag.
  • Sale!
    cabrinha contra 2021 - 17m

    cabrinha contra 2021 – 17m

    64,000฿ 25,000฿
    Cabrinha Contra 2021 -  17m kite only. This kite has only been used 2 months but has been crashed on a boat and had some repairs on the leading edge (see pics), small patch on the canopy and some pin hole. All repairs are done professionally. The kite flies perfect and holds air. Comes with a bag
  • Flysurfer boost4 thailand Flysurfer boost4 thailand


    Freeride / progression kite 
    TECHNOLOGY 5 strut L.E.I Kite
    SKILLS Beginner - Advanced
    SIZES 9 / 11 / 13 / 15 / 18
    Scope of delivery:
    BOOST4 Kite only UNIVERSAL Kite Bag Compression Strap Repair Kit Kite Safety Guide
  • Sale!

    Flysurfer boost3 – 18m

    62,000฿ 24,000฿
    Flysurfer boost2- 18m with bag. Kite is in very good condition, no damage or repairs!
  • Sale!
    Out of stock
    flysurfer boost4 - 15m

    Flysurfer boost4 – 15m

    58,000฿ 26,000฿
    Flysurfer boost4 - 15m. Kite has been used for two months and is in perfect condition except for 3 small pinholes close to each other (see pic) which have been patched. The kite comes with a bag.
  • flysurfer flow thailand flysurfer flow thailand

    Flysurfer Flow




    TECHNOLOGY Twintip
    SIZES 132x40.5 / 137x42 / 142x43 / 148x44 / 159x45
    SKILLS Beginner - Intermediate
    The FLOW effortlessly improves your skills: playful, intuitive and comfortable. The lightweight board impresses with its upwind ability and directional stability. The harmonious coordination of flex and rocker make the FLOW glide perfectly in the most varied of conditions. The solid workmanship and material mix make the board the best training device for all body sizes. The FLOW offers fun at a fair price!
  • Sale!
    buy flysurfer force bar 2.0 Flysurfer force bar 2.0


    19,000฿ 17,000฿
    TECHNOLOGY 4 line control bar
    SKILLS Beginner - Professional
    SIZES [S] - [M] - [L]
    TERRAIN All-Terrain
  • Sale!
    Flysurfer force bar Thailand
    We have many Flysurfer Force bars 2022-2023 for sale in all 3 sizes. All bars are in great condition and only used one season. As an extra gift you get a free new short leash from us with every bar. Please contact us for more info or to order. Free shipping within Thailand.
  • Sale!

    Flysurfer hybrid 11.5m

    54,000฿ 17,000฿
    Flysurfer hybrid 11.5m used for one season The kite had a few tears inside which are repaired professionally. Its also has 2 small patches of a few centimeters on the outside. Hence the price. It can be tested and picked up at our school or shipped worldwide.  Please contact us first before placing an order! Thank you
  • Sale!
    Out of stock
    flysurfer connect bar thailand flysurfer hybrid 7.5 Thailand
    Flysurfer Hybrid 7.5m  + connect bar.  Used for 3 months and in great condition. Kite and bar can be sold separately. kite = 26000 baht.  Bar = 12000 Baht.  Free delivery within Thailand. Contact us first before purchasing the item !
  • Flysurfer hybrid thailand

    Flysurfer Hybrid [NEW]



    Progression, Hydrofoil, Travel, Touring

    SIZES 2.5 / 3.5 / 5.5 / 7.5 / 9.5 / 11.5
    TECHNOLOGY Hybrid Foil Kite
    SKILLS Beginner - Expert
    Kiting has never been so easy! Choose to ride carefree, rely on a crash-resistant, ultralight kite, and progress with exceptional ease. The HYBRID is a playful foil kite perfect for ambitious foilers, sporty families, and determined trainers.
    Scope of delivery:
    HYBRID HYBRID Bag Repair Kit Sandbag Kite Safety Guide
  • Flysurfer infinity xx control bar thailand Flysurfer infinity xx control bar thailand
    TECHNOLOGY 4 line control bar
    SKILLS Intermediate - Professional
    SIZES [M] 50cm, [L] 60cm
    Scope of delivery:
    INFINITY XX Control Bar Quick Release 4.0 17+3m Flying Line Set Pig Tail Set PLEASURE Bar Bag Short Safety Leash Spare Safety Line Bar Safety Guide
  • Sale!
    Flysurfer sonic3 18m thailand Flysurfer sonic3 18m thailand

    Flysurfer Sonic 3 – 18m

    106,000฿ 59,000฿
    Flysurfer Sonic 3  - 18m:  Kite is in very good condition! No damage or repairs.  Comes with bag and repair kit. Please contact us for more info about the kite or to make an order. Thank you!
  • buy flysurfer sonic 4 buy flysurfer sonic 4

    Flysurfer Sonic 4 [NEW]


    End of season Sale

    SONIC 4

    Big-Air, Hydrofoil, Freeride

    The SONIC excels in performance, offering powerful lift and incredible hangtime. Pilot a light and streamlined design that maximizes airflow and minimizes drag. The kite slices through the air with minimal resistance, enhancing agility, speed, and responsiveness. Predictable in rough conditions to cover a wide wind range for advanced riders pushing limits to shatter records. Brace yourself for unparalleled acceleration, adrenaline-fueled adventures, and insane boosting capacity!
    TECHNOLOGY Closed-Cell Foil Kite
    SKILLS Intermediate +
    SIZES 6 / 8 / 10 / 12 / 15 / 18
  • flysurfer soul 2 thailand Flysurfer soul 2 Thailand 12m

    Flysurfer Soul 2 [NEW]

    COUPON CODE: SOUL15OFF = 15% off on all flysurfer souls new and used

    Soul v2

    THE NEW SOUL V2 is finally here with stronger more durable fabric and more square wingtips for faster turning. An improved version of the Soul1 with new colors is a must have for all Flysurfer addicts.
    TECHNOLOGY Closed-Cell Foil Kite
    SKILLS Beginner - Advanced
    SIZES 6 / 8 / 10 / 12 / 15 / 18 / 21
    Scope of delivery:
    SOUL Kite only UNIVERSAL Kite bag LIGHT Bag Compression Strap Trim Checker Sandbag Repair Kit Kite Safety Guide
  • Sale!
    Out of stock
    flysurfer soul v2 -10m

    Flysurfer Soul V2 – 10m

    59,000฿ 44,000฿
    Flysurfer Soul v2 - 10m: Kites has been used around 10 times and is in perfect condition. Comes with a bag
  • Sale!
    Out of stock

    Flysurfer soul v2 – 12m

    65,000฿ 37,000฿
    Flysurfer soul v2 - 12m: Kite has been used for 2 months and is in great condition. Unfortunately it suffered some damage which is repaired professionally. The kite flies perfect as before. Kite comes with the original bag, repair kit etc..
  • Sale!
    flysurfer soul v2 - 15m

    Flysurfer Soul V2 – 15m

    70,000฿ 55,000฿
    Flysurfer Soul V2 - 15m. Kite has been used for 2 months and flies perfect. No damage or repairs. Comes with a bag.
  • Sale!
    flysurfer soul v2 18m

    Flysurfer Soul V2 – 18m

    75,000฿ 60,000฿
    Flysurfer Soul V2 - 18m: This kite has only been used hand full of times and is in perfect condition. Comes with a bag
  • Sale!
    flysurfer stoke 10m Thailand

    Flysurfer Stoke 10m

    55,000฿ 21,000฿
    Flysurfer stoke 2022 - 10m for sale. This kite has only been used 5 times so the canopy is still crisp and fresh. Unfortunately one of our students parked the kite in a tree and it has two rips which are repaired professionally (see pics). The kite comes with a bag. The kite can be tested on Koh Phangan or shipped around Thailand for free. Contact us for more details.


HOW TO ORDER? – Add the product you want to buy to your cart and go to check-out. Fill in all your details and choose your payment method.  Once the payment has been confirmed you will receive a confirmation email with your purchase order and the tracking code. It’s as easy as that 🙂

TRY BEFORE YOU BUY –  The best way to buy a kite is to try it first! Since we use the same equipment for our school you can try it first and make sure you like what your buying. It’s sometimes difficult for a beginner kiteboarder to know what he or she wants. That’s why we are here to help, give advice and find the right equipment for you.

SHIPPING – We ship all of our products FOR FREE to your door within THAILAND. For items in stock it usually takes between 1 and 3 days to arrive using KERRY EXPRESS. If you are located outside of Thailand custom shipping rates will apply.

WARRANTY – All of our products have a 1 year manufacturers warranty! Flysurfer offers some of the best warranties in the business which protect you against almost any manufacturers defect. We are here to help you with your warranty claim. Just make sure you register your product online after purchase.

COUPONS – We like to reward our students by giving everyone who takes a lesson with Kiteflip a 10% DISCOUNT  coupon that can be used on all products.

PAYMENT – We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, bank transfer, bitcoin and cash (on-site only). All of our payment systems are encrypted and safe.



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