Kitesurf Lessons Thailand – Body Dragging

Kitesurf Lessons Thailand: How to body drag?

Romain from France came to Kiteflip Kitesurf Lessons Thailand to refresh his previous learned skills. Romain had already some more experience in kiteboarding and here in the first video you see him bodydragging trough the water. This exercise is full of action and adrenaline. It teaches you how to generate power by moving the kite. The smaller the kite the faster you can move it. We had around 18-20 knots of wind so we took the 8m crazyfly sculp and this was a good choice to have some fun. Romain did very well and went full speed without crashing the kite. Excellent job!

The best way to start this exercise is by sitting on your knees on the bottom. This only works if you have waist high water like at our Kitesurf Lessons Thailand. You want to keep the bar pulled down so you have enough tension on the lines for the kite to react quicker. Keep your hands more on the ends of the bar for easier steering. Now steer the kite strongly to one side and then steer it back to the other side before it hits the water. It’s best to explain this using the position of the clock. Steer the kite from 10 to 2 and back, making eight-shaped moves with the kite. The bigger the moves the stronger the pull.

It’s important you keep your upper body stable and don’t twist sideways. That’s why you should always spread your legs for balance. Once you would turn and get up side down it’s very hard to control the kite. If you want to stop body dragging bring the kite slowly to 12 o’clock and you will automatically stop.

When you take Kitesurf Lessons Thailand here at Kiteflip you would usually start with body dragging after 1,5 – 2 hours of lesson. In the second video you see Patrick from Italy having his first try with body dragging already after 1 hour of lesson. Some people progress faster than others. If you think this is something you like to try, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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