Kiteflip Trick Of The Day – The Backloop (tutorial)

Kiteboarding Koh Phangan: Probably your first trick when you start Kiteboarding: The BACKLOOP

So you just started kiteboarding or are already a veteran, the backloop will always be a part of your trick inventory. Between kiteboarders backloop is also called a backroll. But how do you start doing your first backloop and in which way you can improve this trick?

In this article we at Kiteflip Kiteboarding Koh Phangan are going to explain you step by step how to do a backloop and will give you a closer look into the different aspects of your body, kite and board while performing this trick. We are going to break down every part of the backloop so you can focus on all these different elements.

At Kiteflip Kiteboarding Koh Phangan we will explain the trick from the perspective of a person who is kiteboarding to the left (with left foot forward). Start by having enough power in the kite. This is mainly dependent on the wind and the size kite you choose. With the right power the lift will be much easier. Also the conditions of the water is a factor. It’s easier to practice a backloop on flat water instead of choppy water. Here at Kiteflip Kiteboarding Koh Phangan we always have flat water so the conditions are ideal.

The backloop can be done with or without moving the kite. If we keep the kite in a fixed position we want to keep it at around 11 o’clock (left foot forward). In this case it’s all about the pop and the rotation. First make sure you have some descent speed. Always keep your hands close to the middle of the bar. Start to edge really hard upwind and get ready for the pop. Put pressure on those heels and back foot and take off with the nose of the board pointed upwards. Once you pop trow your whole body into a left rotational spin. Start with looking over your left shoulder and your upper body and legs will follow. In the air make sure you pull your legs in and keep turning until you see your landing spot. At the moment of landing bend your knees to absorb the impact and have a soft landing. After that spin the bar back to the left (anti-clock wise) to get your steering lines back to normal.

If you want some more airtime while performing a backloop you should move the kite from 11 to 12 o’clock and jump. You are probably kiteboarding for a while and practiced a few jumps before. In this case you want to keep your left hand a little bit more on the left side of the bar, so it’s easier to steer the kite back down (to the left) just before you spot your landing. The rest is pretty much the same. You only want to be careful not spin to fast cause you might over rotate. The higher you jump the slower you want to rotate, unless you are going for a double or triple backloop.

In this video from Kiteboarding Koh Phangan you see one of our new Thai riders performing one of his first backloops. Now it’s your turn to give it a try. Focus on completing the rotation and visualize your landing. You can do it! In case you need help we offer customized courses for advanced riders to practice tricks. Click here to find out the details and make an enquiry. Good luck and join us at Kiteflip kiteboarding Koh Phangan!

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