What else to do when your not taking kitesurfing lessons on Koh Phangan?

What else to do when your not taking kitesurfing lessons on Koh Phangan?

We know all you kiteboarding enthusiasts might be wondering what other rad things there are to do besides taking kitesurfing lessons on Koh Phangan. We’ve got you covered- whether you want to party and play or chill and unwind there are tons of things to do and discover while here on our beautiful island!

One of our favorite things to do is explore one of the many great trekking or hiking trails to stay active and out of trouble between kitesurfing lessons on Koh Phangan! Getting off the beaten path is something we recommend to everyone who wants to see the lush nature and untouched side of Koh Phangan that most people actually never get to see.

kitesurfing lessons on Koh Phangan


One of the best treks with a stunning viewpoint is the trek from Haad Rin to Haad Yuan. Make no mistake about it, this hike is high intensity but there’s an inviting ocean, a beautiful beach and a cold Chang waiting for you on the other side!  This hike will really get your blood pumping as it climbs to more than 280 meters through the shaded jungle and has a lookout offering an incredible panoramic view of Haad Yuan from the trail’s highest peak. One of the trickier things about this hike is finding the start point, .

This blog  http://www.timevsfocus.com/best-walk-hike-on-koh-phangan/  has great detailed information about where the trail starts and ends and some of the trail markers to keep an eye out for so you don’t get lost!

kitesurfing lessons on Koh Phangan


We recommend bringing: water, proper shoes, towel, swimsuit, change of clothes and money to get back to Haad Rin via water taxi, unless you are really hardcore and want to hike both ways. We’d rather enjoy a beer and take a boat back, personally! The boat back to Haad Rin is typically 300 baht and it is a beautiful quick ride.

Keep an eye out on our blog for upcoming posts about other hidden gems and our picks on where to eat, party and play as well as other cool things to experience during your downtime from your kitesurfing lessons on Koh Phangan.


Look for markers such as arrows spray painted on trees

Try one of these cool  Trail Tracker Phone Apps  to remember your route and upload pics of your journey!

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